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Dragons Love Farts: They'Re More Fun than Tacos!
Dragons Love Farts: They'Re More Fun than Tacos!

Dragons Love Farts: They'Re More Fun than Tacos!

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A hilarious Fart-O-Rama for the whole's the funny fart book that doesn't stink!

Each colorful and dynamic scene features a new dragon in yet another silly situation that's so funny, kids actually WANT to readthat's some kind of magic!

Stuffed full of story-time laughs, this lively children's book gets even the 'poutiest' youngster to laugh out loud. If you snickered over the New York Times' best selling
Dragons Love Tacos, you'll ROFL over Dragons Love Farts!

BEHOLD– farts that can teach! Enjoy dragons exploring historical places and events such as the 60's hippie culture of Woodstock and the most famous crosswalk on Earth. Witness a Pompeii-like volcano erupt and rumble with earthquakes as meteors rain down from afar like the great extinction event of Chicxulub. Have a look at the effect of methane in our ozone as a cheese-loving dragon tries to blend in among a pasture of flatulent dairy cows.

But wait, there's MORE! Classic literary works like Treasure Island, Blackbeard, Peter Pan, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea are the stories behind the pirate adventure gone awry. There's even a fun fables and nursery rhyme scene. Use the stepping stones to King Arthur & His Knights of the Round Table as you commiserate with a medieval damsel in distress...foiled by a fart!

Lead with laughter and they will follow– this book is about capturing children's attention with humor then sharing the people, places, and things that make up the stories behind the scenes. Designed to amuse while opening the door for sharing big things with little kids, numerous illustrations help your child discover something about science, history, and classic literary works. And at the end of the day, you can use it as a bedtime story because, on the surface, it was designed with that in mind, too.

So smash that button and get ready for a great time with a bevy of dragons that will amuse your kids right into reading...and some fun little bits of worldly wisdom!