10 of Clubs, 10 of Diamonds Tarot Meaning

10 of Clubs, 10 of Diamonds Tarot Meaning

10 of Clubs, 10 of Diamonds Tarot Meaning

10 of Clubs

This is our 10 of Clubs from our standard deck of playing cards. The ten of Clubs is the card of fortune in the tarot. It represents financial prosperity and material wealth, as do many other club cards.

The ten of Club represents mental brilliance. Those who were born on the tenth day of the month are inventive and have a creative attitude. Their greatest achievement is in the mental domain of ideas and the large-scale communication of those concepts. The Moon Card, commonly regarded as the emotional, intuitive mind by astrologers, is also represented by the Ten of Club.

People in the 10 of Club are often skeptical and expect loyalty from their friends and family. Within the family, we know them as taskmasters, and they believe they are worthy of the term. They're also terrified of being judged, and they're very insecure. Club's ten members all like working, and their personal accomplishments are remarkable for those who were raised with a moral sense of values from an early age.

Those born on a 10 of Club day are taught the value of money from a young age. They also have a penchant for putting money into items that pay off quickly. Their biggest talent, though, is bringing individuals together to help them achieve success in sectors that help others.

Birthdays for the 10♧

January 30 (Aquarius), February 28 (Pisces), March 26 (Aries), April 24 (Taurus), May 22 (Taurus/Gemini), June 20 (Gemini), July 18 (Cancer), August 16 (Leo), September 14 (Virgo), October 12 (Libra), November 10 (Scorpio), December 8 (Sagittarius)


10 of Diamonds

This is our 10 of Diamonds from our standard deck of playing cards. The ten of Diamonds in tarot signifies a journey that will lead to riches and fortune. This card indicates that you will be pushed to leave your comfort zone. This transition will not be comfortable, but it will be fruitful in terms of money or spiritual prosperity. In a nutshell, the ten of diamonds will deliver you diamonds.

The Ten of Diamond is the most significant of the money Cards, and it's no surprise that it's in in the middle of the Life Spread. Money has become the fundamental point around which everything of life revolves, and the 10 of Diamond is the most powerful of the money cards to represent its success.

The bulk of Diamond's ten make good merchants and marketing executives, and will nearly always prosper financially - one way or another.

The 10 of Diamond likes to make a good first impression in the world, and they want their surroundings to reflect their wealth. Positive people have a strong feeling of global responsibility and like shining their success spotlight on others who are less fortunate. While the negative 10 of Diamond can gain wealth as brilliantly as the positive 10, they are ruthless and considered to be self-centered.


January 17 (Capricorn), February 15 (Aquarius), March 13 (Pisces), April 11 (Aries), May 9 (Taurus), June 7 (Gemini),July 5 (Cancer,) August 3 (Leo), September 1 (Virgo)


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