5 of Hearts, 5 of Spades Tarot Meaning + Italo-Portugese-suited Tarot Deck

5 of Hearts, 5 of Spades  Tarot Meaning + Italo-Portugese-suited Tarot Deck

Italo-Portugese-suited Tarot Deck + Tarot Meaning of 5 of Hearts and 5 of Spades 

Italo-Portugese-suited Tarot Deck

The Tarocco Siciliano is the only deck that employs the so-called Portuguese suit system, which employs Spanish pips but crosses them in the same way as Italian pips do. Some trumps are unique, such as the lowest trump, Miseria (destitution). It omits the two and three of coins, as well as the digits one to four in clubs, swords, and cups: it therefore has 64 cards, but the ace of coins is not used, as it bears the previous stamp duty. The cards are relatively tiny and do not have a reversible design. 

5 of Hearts

This is the 5 of Hearts from our standard deck of playing cards. The Five of Hearts card in the tarot indicates marriage. It is about the status of the connection rather than the sentiments.

In everything, the Five of Hearts want full and utter fulfillment. There will be no half measures! The problem is that things never seem to work out that way, so the good stuff must be hidden somewhere. Not!

People born with this Card have a tendency to seek, then alter, experiment, and disperse their energies to the wind. When their place in the charts causes them problems, they frequently blame it on their surroundings or affiliations, and they fantasize about moving on to get away from it all. The 5 of Hearts are just so lively, entertaining, and full of spit and vinegar in social situations! Their problems, on the other hand, put a strain on their health and leave them gasping for breath.

Of course, there are those 5 of Hearts who have learnt to accept their situation and make the most of it. The "fortunate" 5 of Hearts are those who benefit from gifts and inheritance!


October 30 (Scorpio) November 28 (Sagittarius) December 26 (Capricorn)


Harry Hamlin, Henry Winkler, Louis Malle, Ruth Gordon, Fyodor Dostoevsky, John Adams, Grace Slick, Anna Nicole Smith, Jon Stewart, Judd Nelson, Mao Tse-tung, Alan King, Phil Spector, Lars Ulrich, Ozzie Smith, Henry Miller

5 of Spades

This is the 5 of Spades from our standard deck of playing cards. The 5 of spades is a tarot card that represents an unexpected loss. You will face increased chances of accident, theft, or a downturn in financial markets in the following days.

The persons born under the sign of the Spade exude a sense of reliability and inner power. Their heart center is now open and ready to serve you. As soon as they enter a room, you will sense their presence.

The 5 of Spade values work above everything else. Not for the money (though they are eager to spend money to better the lives of individuals they care about), but for the physical delight of being occupied. Along the process, they form enduring friendships. They are highly aware of their bodily requirements and want to be physically involved in all they do, as the spade is.

The Venus effects in their life cause them to be frustrated and disappointed. (women, family, love...) The 5 of Spade's unselfish nurturing abilities aid them in seeing the wider picture and overcoming their romantic failures.

If not directed into an useful outlet, the 5 of Spade has an aggressive kind karma that may lead to physical altercations with males and legal altercations. This same physical energy, on the other hand, offers them incredible stamina and a burning libido.

Despite the fact that the 5 of Spade put their hearts on their sleeves, they are tired of love. They've learned the price of love and relationships through experience, and they take their obligations seriously.

Birthdays for the 5♤

January 9 (Capricorn), February 7 (Aquarius), March 5 (Pisces), April 3 (Aries), May 1 (Taurus)

Famous 5♤ People

Alec Baldwin, Ashton Kutcher, Bob Denver, Charles Dickens, Chris Rock, Crystal Gayle, Dean Stockwell, Doris Day, Eddie Murphy, Garth Brooks, Glenn Ford, Jack Paar, Jane Goodall, Jimmy Page, Joan Baez, Joel Osteen, Kevin Connolly, Marlon Brando, Niki Taylor, Richard Nixon, Robert Bauval, Samantha Eggar, Susannah York, Tim McGraw, Wayne Newton

Fun Fact: When it comes to casino card decks, you may notice that they feel a little different. This is due to the fact that they are entirely made of plastic.

This is due to the fact that it allows for greater card-handling time in games like poker before they become fatigued, filthy, and dog-eared. It makes it more difficult for players to cheat and mark cards than paper.

We can only hope that in the modern era, cards are recycled rather than discarded as plastic.


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