6 of Clubs, 6 of Diamonds Tarot Meaning + French-suited Tarot Decks

6 of Clubs, 6 of Diamonds Tarot Meaning + French-suited Tarot Decks

French-suited Tarot Decks + 6 of Clubs and 6 of Diamonds Tarot Meaning

French-suited Tarot Decks

The pictures of French-suited tarot trumps deviate significantly from the previous Italian-suited style, foregoing Renaissance allegorical elements. French-suited tarot cards are almost exclusively used for card games, with the exception of novelty decks. The first generation of French-suited tarots, which showed depictions of animals on the trumps and were hence known as "Tiertarock" ('Tier' meaning German for "animal"), debuted around 1740. Around 1800, a wider range of decks were manufactured, most of which featured genre art or veduta. Current French-suited tarot decks are available in the following layouts:

Industrie und Glück – The Central European Industrie und Glück ("Diligence and Fortune"[a]) genre art tarock deck employs Roman numerals for the trumps. It is sold with 54 cards, with the 5 to 10 red suits and the 1 to 6 black suits removed. There are three patterns: Types A, B, and C, with Type C being the norm and Types B and C appearing in limited editions or specials.
Tarot Nouveau, sometimes known as Tarot Bourgeois, comes in a 78-card set. In France, it is often used for Tarot games, while in Denmark, it is utilized for Danish Tarok. In Germany, it is also used to play Cego. Its genre art pieces make use of Arabic numbers in the corner indexes.

Adler-Cego is an animal tarot deck popular in the Upper Rhine Valley and neighboring mountain ranges such as the Black Forest and the Vosges. It contains 54 cards that are structured in the same way as the Industrie und Glück packs. Its trumps are represented by Arabic numbers within centered indices.

Schmid-Cego - Like the Tarot Nouveau, this pack by F.X. Schmid features genre scenes, but the Arabic numbers are centered, as in the Adler-Cego pack.

 6 of Clubs

This is the 6 of Clubs from our standard deck of playing cards. The Six of Clubs in the tarot depicts an opponent with a strong club who is waiting for you around the corner. It foretells of disagreements, lawsuits, and money demands.

This is the "Messenger's Card," however many 6 of Clubs are hesitant to invest the time and effort necessary to develop their greatest gift: intuition.

All six members of Club have a sense of responsibility and take their tasks seriously. The problem is that the 6 of Club also represents inertia and a laid-back attitude. As a result, many individuals with Six of Club karma struggle to acquire enough momentum to get up to speed and achieve their ambitious goals. On the bright side, once a Six of Club has defeated their karma, they have the rare capacity to stick with a project, scenario, or relationship until all hurdles have been surmounted.

Peace of mind is very essential to all six Club members, and they will go to great lengths to get it. The 6 of Clubs, like the rest of the 6s, is a worrier. They are concerned about accomplishing less than is required of them; they are concerned about not being able to completely monetize their abilities; and, most importantly, they are concerned about their loved ones' happiness and growth.

Their intuitive abilities are genuinely unparalleled if they can only learn to live by them!


March 30 (Aries), April 28 (Taurus), May 26 (Gemini), June 24 (Cancer), July 22 (Cancer), August 20 (Leo), September 18 (Virgo), October 16 (Libra), November 14 (Scorpio), December 12 (Sagittarius)


Celine Dion, Vincent Van Gogh, Jessica Alba, Jay Leno, Saddam Hussein, Harper Lee, John Wayne, Jack Dempsey,William Dafoe, Robert Plant, Lance Armstrong, John Mayer, Noah Webster, Travis Barker, Prince Charles, Frank Sinatra, Edward Munch

6 of Diamonds

This is the 6 of Diamonds from our standard deck of playing cardsThe esoteric meaning of the Six of Diamond has to do with financial adjustments. This is the card of debt, worth, and value.

The necessity to grasp values is represented by the number six in the Diamond deck. When money isn't the only goal, these individuals may build a highly successful and satisfying life for themselves.

For the Six of Diamonds, acquiring knowledge is difficult; they face challenges and disappointments. It may be difficult to get an education early in life, or they may be hesitant to put out the effort on their own. Money, on the other hand, is very important to those born under this card. They often want to start earning it before they even know where or how! This Card's women should strive not to rely on their personalities for success, and its men should not seek a wealthy marriage to further their own goals.

Finances tend to go to extremes for both men and women in the Six of Diamond, and they will stay in one state for a long time — either way up or way down.


January 21 (Cancer-Aquarius), February 19 (Aquarius-Pisces), March 17 (Pisces), April 15 (Aries), May 13 (Taurus), June 11 (Gemini), July 9 (Cancer), August 7 (Leo), September 5 (Virgo), October 3 (Libra), November 1 (Scorpio)


Baby Spice, Geena Davis, Seal, Marquex Hemingway, Jeff Daniels, Kurt Russell, Rudolf Nureyev, Leonardo da Vinci, Stevie Wonder, Shia LaBeouf, Jacques Cousteau, Courtney Love, O.J. Simpson, Charlize Theron, David Duchovny, Rose McGowan, Jesse James, Ashlee Simpson

Fun Fact: Why is there no "one"? – Because "one" is known as the Ace. The name Ace comes from the Old French word "as," which means "unit."


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