10 of Hearts, 10 of Spades Tarot Meaning

10 of Hearts, 10 of Spades Tarot Meaning

10 of Hearts, 10 of Spades Tarot Meaning

This is our 10 of Hearts from our standard deck of playing cards. The ten of Hearts meaning in tarot is tied to your city or nation. It's a sign that you should put greater faith in your family and others.

With the highest value of hearts in the deck, the 10 of Heart person is intensely aware of their emotional/social connection with the world around them. The meaning of their card is the expression of love in all aspects of life.

Those who are born on a Ten of Heart day are at their best in large social situations, on the stage, or in politics. It is only in their more personal and intimate relationships that the 10 of Heart become overwhelmed and safe-box their feelings. With this in mind, the 10 of Heart need to guard against isolating themselves from the people contact so important to their wellbeing.

10 of Heart are ambitious and have penetrating focus. An overwhelming need to be loved or appreciated compels them to be the best at whatever they do. They also have a knack for good business and secure the best contracts or conditions for success.

Ten of Heart people seem to be very lucky. In part this is true. But it's only after much hard work and determination that Divine Providence bestows Her bounty of earthly treasures onto the worthy 10♡.

In matters of the heart, the 10 of Heart feel they should be at the helm of their relationship. Not because they want to dominate, but because they feel better able to protect, heal, or otherwise fortify the home.

Birthdays for the 10

July 31 (Leo), August 29 (Virgo), September 27 (Libra), October 25 (Scorpio), November 23 (Sagittarius), December 21 (Sagittarius/Capricorn)

Famous 10 People

Avril Lavigne, Billy the Kid, Boris Karloff, Frank Zappa, Gale Anne Hurd, Geraldine Chaplin, Greg Morris, Gwyneth Paltrow, Harpo Marx, Helen Reddy, J.K. Rowling, James Brady, Jane Fonda, John McCain, Katy Perry, Kiefer Sutherland, Meat Loaf, Michael Jackson, Mike Schmidt, Miley Cyrus, Milton Friedman, Phil Donahue, Samuel Adams, Samuel L. Jackson, Shaun Cassidy, Ted Cassidy, Tracy Nelson, Wesley Snipes,

This is our 10 of spades from our standard deck of playing cards. The ten of Spades represents melancholy, tears, and disappointment in the tarot. It's more than simply a lousy card. It's as deadly as jealousy.

People born on a Ten of Spade day have unusually quick minds. The best careers are those that help them diversify or provide quick turnovers. They lose interest when they are not mentally stimulated

All Ten of Spade make excellent sleuths. They will work silently – behind the scenes, until ready to strike out on their own. Successful occupations are ones that give them freedom to travel or engage them in some aspect of arts and entertainment or showmanship.

The 10 of Spade person gives a lot of themselves but don't always get it back. They are magnetic, but emotionally vulnerable and can be taken advantage of. They have a deep appreciation for music and love of beauty. Many composers are born on a 10 of Spade day.

The financial security of loved ones is one of their major concerns - and stresses in life. Failure to support their family or loved ones often results in a life of drudgery. The 10 of Spade make sacrifices for the people they care about and are inspired by the dreams and ideals of youth.

Birthdays for the 10♤

January 4 (Capricorn), February 2 (Aquarius)

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