4 of Hearts, 4 of Spades Tarot Meaning + Tarot as a Game

4 of Hearts, 4 of Spades Tarot Meaning + Tarot as a Game

Tarot as a Game + 4 of Hearts and 4 of Spades Tarot Meaning

Tarot as a Game

The original intent of tarot cards was to be used in games. Martiano da Tortona's work from before 1425 has a brief explanation of the rules for a tarot-like deck. For the following two centuries, only vague descriptions of game play or game vocabulary are available, until the oldest known detailed statement of rules for a French variation in 1637. There are several regional variants to the tarot game. Tarocchini has persisted in Bologna, and there are also others played in Piedmont and Sicily, although the game is less popular in Italy than it is abroad.

Tarot saw its greatest resurrection in the 18th century, when it became one of Europe's most popular card games, played everywhere except Ireland and Britain, the Iberian peninsula, and the Ottoman Balkans.

Beginning in the 1970s, French tarot enjoyed a renaissance, and France now boasts the largest tarot gaming community. Regional tarot games, sometimes known as tarock, tarok, or tarokk, are popular in central Europe within the former Austro-Hungarian empire.

 4 of Hearts

This is the 4 of Hearts from our standard deck of playing cards. The 4 of hearts is a tarot card that represents an unexpected loss. You will face increased chances of accident, theft, or a downturn in financial markets in the following days.

The majority of those born under this sign have a strong sense of justice, tolerance, and understanding. They are capable of serving as judges, counselors, leaders, and directors. The theatre also has a powerful draw, and with even a tiny amount of ability, one may achieve some success in this sector.

Self-satisfaction is a trap for folks born on a four of hearts day. Indeed, the negative 4 of Heart may be somewhat conceited, claiming all credit for their achievements. And when this occurs, their triumph is fleeting, for the ego has no influence over this Card. All four numbers indicate a foundation, a basis, and a sustaining force that promotes harmony and confluence. A four of heart should never ask what a person, work, or project can do for them, but rather - what can I do for thee!


October 31 (Scorpio) November 29 (Sagittarius) December 27 (Capricorn)


Peter Jackson, Larry Mullen, Jr., John Candy, Jane Pauley, Deidre Hall, David Ogden Steirs, Michael Landon, Dan Rathers, Kim Delaney, Jeff Fahey, Howie Mandel, Garry Chandling, Chuck Mangione, C.S. Lewis, Gerard Depardieu, Marlene Dietrich, Cokie Roberts

4 of Spades

This is the 4 of Spades from our standard deck of playing cards. A four of spades card represents a moment of loneliness in a relationship. You don't like being alone, yet your spouse continues to let you down.

The Four of Spades seems to be a card representing success and strength at first look. Their tremendous karma, however, frequently leads to a mistaken feeling of entitlement until they reach the age of 26.

This is more true of males than women, and it is typically due to the mother's use of money and presents to express her love, instilling in them the belief that they are entitled to wealth. In later life, the 4 of Spade may encounter gloomy emotions as a result of their distorted perception of success, which manifests as dissatisfaction and loss.

Spade has four sensitive members that appreciate assisting people. They hide their deep thoughts beneath a harsh manner, giving the impression that they are proud or selfish.

They are physically powerful and thrive in sports or physically demanding activities. They value beauty and enjoy art, and they may perform well in companies that cater to the arts, ladies, or home design.

The 4 of Spade must not only work hard for what they desire, but also enjoy the act of working, in order to overcome their karmic problem of entitlement and anger. Those 4 who discover their passion and look beyond the trappings of fame and glitter have an incredibly lucky life ahead of them; pleasure and prosperity are theirs for the taking!

Birthdays for the 4 of Spades

January 10 (Capricorn), February 8 (Aquarius), March 6 (Pisces), April 4 (Aries), May 2 (Taurus)

Famous 4 of Spades People

George Foreman, Pat Benatar, David "Phoenix" Farrell, Nick Nolte, James Dean, Shaquille O'Neal, Tom Arnold, Nadia, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Jamie Lynn Spears, Heath Ledger


Fun Fact: Governments may get fairly inventive with playing cards during times of conflict.

The clearest example is the US government, which collaborated with a well-known card business during World War II to create special secret decks for American prisoners of war (POWs).

When wet, the cards appear to peel apart, revealing bits of maps to aid with escapes. It's quite James Bond-like.



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