"Happy Fish" Menu: Order Online | Odd Decks of Playing Cards

"Happy Fish" Menu: Order Online | Odd Decks of Playing Cards

"Happy Fish" Menu

In case you don't know us, we're best known for selling odd decks of playing cards. That means, in addition to carrying standard cards, we also sell mini cards, square-shaped cards, circle-shaped cards, shiny cards, jumbo cards, and micro cards. And they're all complete decks of playing cards! We think our products are delicious. Now onto the Happy Fish Menu.

Ā This is our "Happy Fish" deck of playing cards. It's a standard-sized deck of cards, and it's Crazy Fish-themed, which means adorable fish are on the front of each card.Ā 

"Happy Fish" Deck of Cards - Crazy Fish Theme

"Happy Fish" Back of Cards

This is our "Shark" deck of micro cards. The cards are micro-sized, which means they're a quarter the size of a standard playing card, and they're Crazy Fish-themed as well so those adorable fish are on the fronts of each card.Ā 

"Shark" Micro Deck of Micro Cards - Crazy Fish Theme

This is our Crazy Fish deck of mini cards. The cards are mini-sized, which is half the size of standard cards, and these, too, are Crazy Fish themed, so the adorable fish are still there on the fronts of each card.

Deck of Mini Cards - Crazy Fish Theme


"Happy Fish" Menu

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