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How to Become a Grandmaster in Chess (in 11 Steps)

Posted by Alex Wright on

The TL;DR version of how to become a Grandmaster is as follows:

A Grandmaster requires three Grandmaster norms and a FIDE rating of 2500 or above (with some exceptions). A GM norm is obtained by achieving a 2600-rated performance in a tournament with at least 9 rounds and at least 50% titled players.

It's vital to master openers, middlegames, and endgames, but it's even more crucial to learn how to learn. A good training technique may accomplish wonders. Learning how to study and think in chess can accelerate your path to Grandmasterdom.

Find a skilled coach who can help you form your playing technique, teach you based on your talents and shortcomings, and help you develop your game psychology. Make an informed decision! This individual will be there for you for a long time.

Begin competing, losing, and winning. There is no other way to become a GM. Win games one after the other until you reach point number one. You should be aware that you will have to fight innumerable fights throughout the board from now on... You must also be battle-ready!

To become a chess Grandmaster (GM) is a goal held by chess players all over the globe. Apart from being Globe Champion, it is the most desired title in chess, and in 2021, only little more than 1,700 players in the entire world have attained this aim. This should not deter an aspiring GM; part of the fascination of being a chess Grandmaster is the difficulty of achieving this designation. And once you've earned the title, it's yours for life (unless you are stripped of it for, say, cheating). So, let's have a look at how it's done.

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Best Apps for Chess

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We all need a decent chess friend on our chess adventure. Some people are lucky to have a coach or a sparring partner. Caissa, the goddess of chess, made chess applications for the rest of us.

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